Grassalkovich  Borház


Baroque Winery of Grassalkovich - baroque real estate for sale! The baroque cellar system is 1028 m2. The Manor-house is 730 m2. The Plot in the centre of Gödöllő is 12825 m2. A contact phone number for information in English and German 0036/30-327-8781. The history of the building: The cellar and Winery of Grassalkovich were built in 1768 in a baroque style. This royal estate was an important part of the royal palace because of the viticulture. Harvest balls took place here which were organised by the royal couple, Emperor Franz Joseph and Queen Sisi. The conservation of the building was completed in 2005. It used to receive permission for building a wellness and conference hotel in 2006. The cellar system consists of two different parts. Under the northern part of the building, you can find a 108-metre long baroque wine cellar covered by a stave dome. It is 5 metres wide and 3 metres high. Following this cellar, there is a bigger hall under the northern part of the building. This hall is covered by a special baroque dome, like churches' dome. Measures of the hall: 40 metres long, 8 metres wide and 4,5 metres high


Tel: 0036/30-327-8781